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Tinnitus Control

Ringing in ears treatment is often sought by [url=] Tinnitus Control [/url] people for whom their tinnitus symptoms show no sign of abating and are starting to disrupt their lives. In this article, I'll review some of the potential treatments that you can try. Before we go further I just want to let you know, in case you didn't already, that sadly there are no drug treatments yet for this condition. Doctors are learning more and more about the neurobiology of tinnitus but we are still unfortunately years away from a cure.

One possibility is to simply mask the ringing/buzzing with another noise in the background. for example, many sufferers will leave a TV on to go to sleep too. You can even buy a special pillow with a speaker built into it to let yourself drift off to the sound of the radio. This is usually the best that the medical profession can offer. It consists of counselling and listening to a noise generator.

The idea is that you can learn how to ignore the tinnitus and not notice that it is there. The results are promising but your tinnitus never actually goes away and from time to time you do still notice it. The medical profession believes that there is no cure for tinnitus because hearing loss (which is necessary) cannot be reversed. Yet there are many people with hearing loss but without this condition - why is that?

The answer is that hearing loss is not enough, you must also have several lifestyle and environmental co-factors to cause this condition. So it follows that by eliminating these factors from your life then you can in fact lower your symptoms intensity and even cure yourself completely.