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Get in Shape Without Buying Expensive Exercise Equipment

Aerobic fitness can help to maintain good blood pressure levels, allows the heart to pump more effectively, decreases bad cholesterol while improving the good, and by reducing the systemic inflammation can lower the chance of having heart disease.Diabetes is another disease that can be controlled through exercise. By allowing glucose to metabolize in the body, normal blood sugar levels are maintained. For people with Type 2 diabetes, physical activity raises tissue sensitivity to insulin, and produces more glucose to be released from the blood stream and into cells, decreasing glucose in the blood.

Obesity, which is a big concern in the United States is the first noticeable health benefit of exercise. Any amount of increased activity will bring about a change in the body, including a decrease in body fat and an increase in lean muscle.Although exercise can help prevent many diseases, it can also be beneficial on a daily basis. Aerobic exercise improves the over all quality of life by releasing endorphins, which are happy hormones, into the blood. This improves mood and energy levels, reduces depression and fatigue, can eliminate the feelings of stress and anxiety.

The American Heart Association recommends a target heart range of between fifty and seventy-five percent of maximum heart rate in order to work out safely and gain the full benefits of aerobic exercise. In order to figure out the target rate, age is subtracted from 220 and then multiplied by 70%.In 1968, Dr. Kenneth Cooper developed a series of exercises listed in his book, Aerobics, that he knew would help to prevent coronary artery disease. These exercises were running, bicycling, swimming and walking.