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Beautiful wedding style

I'll carry you on my back
Life, everywhere can see the sweet couple, whether it is a small park or the street, there is always a girl on the back of the scene. If you intend to take beautiful creative wedding photos, may wish to cross-string the role, in the picture, for girls back boys, I believe that a naughty funny will immediately let people envy oh!
Beautiful wedding photos: taste the happiness under the barbaric
Have seen "barbaric cummer", that kind is exciting, that kind of barbaric it seems that can distill a kind of fresh feeling. As a representative of the personality of you, might as well this color into the creative wedding photos, "barbaric" as the creative center, whether it is naughty or romantic dialogue can deduce rich life fun oh!
Beautiful wedding photos: than belly
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In addition to the ordinary bride, mothers-to-be are also in urgent need of a set of beautiful and creative wedding photos to express their happiness in the most meaningful way. It's been a bit of fun to see the mother-to-be in a wedding dress revealing her adorable belly, while the father-to-be shows off his beer belly in the same pose behind him.
Beautiful wedding photos: romantic European style
In front of the groom riding a bicycle wearing a wedding dress personalized wedding photos, bike back seat is wearing a wedding dress of the bride, with a happy smile. The bike was on a green avenue, and the next road was a path on the grassland leading to the big woods ahead.
Aesthetic wedding photos: aesthetic wind
The bride and groom in their new wedding dress sit on a swing in front of the garden. The bride nestles in the arms of the groom.
Romantic underwater kiss
The well-dressed bride and groom in the underwater romantic kissing, blue water background, romantic and yet beautiful.
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