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Pros of the industry recognized Writing Websites

Submitted by FanStory on Tue, 04/23/2019 - 08:00

Writing contests have their fair share of popularity and budding writers love participating in them. Creating a stupendous essay, poem or story is a reward on its own to the writer. But wouldn’t writing me much more of a satisfying job had you made some money from the efforts? May be, it is time for you to sign up on the websites, enter the best work of yours and win cash prizes. Also, there is no signing up fees for the competitions that you shall be subjected to. The Writing Websites welcomes all types of writing inclusive of scripts, book chapters, non-fiction and poetry. Learn from feedback about everything is written. All these reviews only help you write better.
Retaining the copyrights and the rankings
If you are a talented writer, those are going to show up on the results of Free Writing Contests. Not only will your piece get featured on the website for the month, you will be awarded as well as rewarded. This social network of writers has really helped everyone stay competitive and friendly at the same time. For you to make big, the websites stresses on keeping the copyrights to yourself while retaining its full rights. Additionally, a free copyright service that is a registered one, is provided for everything that is posted. You are encouraged, free to make a sale of your works to those willing to buy. Also, you can choose to have it published.
Industry recognition
In the shortest span of time you will be industry recognized because there are gold dust awards for community of great writers. Then you shall be awarded with writer’s digest award and editors as well as preditor’s choice site award to help the writers improve. These are the various industry recognitions that the website possesses and shall make you a star.