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5 Premium Sunglasses For Men To Choose This Summer

Summers are here and there goes the quest of saving your eyes from sunlight and dust particles. Sunglasses become more of a necessity than item of luxury at such times. While choosing these sunglasses we need to sync them with our dressing sense and the shape of our face. There are many brands available with multiple offers in the market, but we have handpicked some of the best sunglasses for men to choose from the wide range. They are ultra-comfortable and give value for their price: 

1. Gucci aviator sunglasses

Gucci has reintroduced the 70s style glares with a classic touch and premium finish. They are sporty and goes well with a pair of jeans and sneakers. You can experiment them with casual T-shirts or shirts depending on occasion. The brand is known for its bold style, unique look and the assured sense of luxury. You can choose this piece for driving along the highway or for a casual walk down the beach as well.

2. Nike Essential Chaser Polarized Sunglasses

They recently launched these glasses. The best part of their product is they are moderately priced, and the accessories are durable and carry a sporty look. This piece is one of the best polarized sunglasses in its segment because of its functionality and authentic style. You can carry this piece even in shorts and casual top-wear. The glasses are fresh, and the vision you get is quite clear even in dim light.

3. Oakley Diecutter

Oakley has done a tremendous job in blending innovation and functionality in the daily-use accessories. When it comes to choosing the best sunglasses for men, we realise you need a piece that is not just comfortable but stylish as well. The Diecutter has blended quite well with the steel.

4. Porsche Design Aviator Sunglasses

The best part about these sunglasses is that Porsche inspires them. The bold and standout sunglasses suit the open road and explorer like you. The large frame keeps you comfortable during the ride and also does not allow the burning sunlight to penetrate through the skin. The uber fresh design makes sure you look stylish even in the scorching heat.

5. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic

No list of sunglasses is complete without mentioning the Ray-Ban classic piece. They are the makers of one of the best sunglasses for men and bring consistent innovation to their design and features. They are surviving external market forces and competition from other brands. The fan following for their sunglasses never fades. This is why you should also experience the joy of carrying the Clubmaster.