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It is used to play with wow classic gold

Submitted by chenyuhan on Wed, 01/22/2020 - 01:16

World of Warcraft game director Ion Hazzikostas told me before launching he expected the total number of active users on realms with 30,000 or even more gamers to shrink to one"layer" of a few million before phase 2 launches in a few weeks. Certainly, Blizzard bet that for most, the nostalgia and the willingness to devote the time it takes to advance in the sport will lose their luster rather fast.

But this all makes sense from a business standpoint. Blizzard understood that nostalgia would bring players back in droves; so a lot of us are currently reliving a few of our favourite times with the sport, which aids the new and might lead to gamers. That a month is earnings, whether or not it is used to play with wow classic gold, and a single subscription provides you with access to both.

I've seen hundreds of gamers who have said they re-upped their subscriptions only. I have also chatted with folks in the past week, in real life, who told me they signed up for World of Warcraft for the first time to play with Classic, since it was exactly what all their friends were performing. Whether Classic stays interesting to gamers may be immaterial; it's provided Blizzard a increase to interest in World of Warcraft that will be helpful either way.

Even if Classic shrinks dramatically, the overwhelming response at launch should convey two major points to artists of the modern game: World of Warcraft has played a huge role in people's lives for 15 decades, making the type of nostalgia typically limited to childhood hometown haunts. And gamers actually enjoy a World of Warcraft that's difficult enough for progress to sense rewarding when it is buy classic wow gold created, and which forces the people team up to actually reach out, and become civil. A home could be found by both classes, in decisions made about the management of the contemporary game, in some sort.