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How to train cats not to scratch furniture

Grinding claws are the nature of cats and cannot be changed. But the cats don't catch anything else, just like to grab the sofa. The sofa that I just bought can't be long before it's scarred. This is also a very troublesome thing. As the owner of cats, we must first respect the nature of cats. Secondly, in order to make cats and cats live more harmoniously at home, you can use some measures to get rid of the bad habits of cats catching sofas.

First, trim the nails regularly for cats.

The cat claws are used to grind nails. Regular trimming with Pet Nail Clippers can reduce the cat's damage to the furniture, and it will not scratch people.

Second, give cats and cats something they can catch.

This is the most important principle. Since the cat's nature cannot be changed, it is very important to prohibit the cat from catching a place while giving the cat another place to grind the claws.

You can specially prepare a claw plate (preferably natural material such as hemp rope, wood, etc.) for her, fix it vertically, and then train the cat to go there to grind the claws. Some catnip can be used to attract the cat's past claws if necessary. Cat scratch boards that have been sprayed with catnip are now available on the market, and most cats like it.

In addition, some natural materials made of grass mats are also some of the cat's favorite, such as the craft straw mats that can be bought at home, and some cats will consciously grind the claws on them.

Third, spray lemonade on the sofa where she likes to catch.

The taste of lemonade cats don't like it, and the water cats of the same orange peel are also very annoying. Other flavors that are not popular with cats include toilet water and wind oil. When the cat smells these tastes when it is grinding the claws, it must be avoided.

If you have trouble with cats scratching the sofa, try the suggestions above. If you do this, then your sofa will be safe while keeping the cat with new claws. For other furniture, you can also try this method.

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