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AssetTrack for ServiceNow: To Manage complex issues associated with asset management

Submitted by amitracks on Thu, 08/08/2019 - 01:02

Receiving, tracking and managing assets can be easier by finding the right solution. It is quite important to know what you actually own and what you actually need to reuse or buy. You need to go with the perfect solutions designed to manage your assets, so here we have mentioned few points that show the importance of Asset Track. It can be used to maintain and track our hardware assets to purchase at the time of requirements and pay only at the time of receiving. This solution helps you make wise and quick decisions in order to avoid any sort of financial penalty.

• AssetTrack for ServiceNow:

Let’s talk about AssetTrack for ServiceNow. This can be quite beneficial for any business or person needs to manage assets in easy and quick manner. This is a certified application platform and can be so useful. This is perfect application for barcode and RFID asset tracking. This is a complete solution or platform that does not need any other platform, service or server.
You can respond to audits confidently without having any confusion by using this platform wisely. This can allow you to maintain hardware asset data accurately. It helps minimize risk, avoid financial penalties, save money, manage audit issues, and take decisions and more.
It streamlines the track, audit, receive and disposal processes that help know where your asset is. You can keep yourself updated with latest asset update by using this amazing solution. You can go for it.
If you are wondering if its work on your system or not, then you should know this solution can work on windows 10+, Android Kitkat+, iOS 8+, Any HTML5 compliant browser and ServiceNow Geneva or later.

• IT Asset Management:

IT Asset Management in ServiceNow can be easier as now AssetTrack’s enterprise barcode and RFID asset lifecycle tracking solution is easily accessible. If you are a CA customer, then this is for you. This solution can allow you to maintain current hardware asset data that has never been easier with service desk manager or CA asset portfolio management. This solution can allow you to maintain current and complete data accurately without any issue.
This product can offer various solutions and you can improve quality of data. You can use your smartphone to update and scan asset information. Performing rapid data centres audits can be an easier process with this solution. Asset manager can use it and make the asset update and track easier by using it with smartphone as well. This is a certified solution or platform that can be used to manage the things.
These solutions are designed to solve the complex issues associated with asset management. Large organizations have to face such issues and these products can really help manage the assets. These solutions are available for CA and you can visit to know more about such products like ITAM for ServiceNow, ServiceNow HAM and more. You can go for it.

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